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The spirit of Fareeva

Fareeva is the magic story of a sudden revelation. Fareeva is the expression of three powerful Tahitian words meant to express the healing vibration channeled. As the first word “Fare” connects us to the notion of being at “Home”, the second word “Reva” invites us to the “Flow” and to the “Source” while the third, and last word “Eeva” calls for the spark that always resides within us.

Assembled together and unified, those words, expression of our intentions to be manifested, gave birth to Fareeva, a jewelry line about healing love infused gemstone malas and yoga inspired elegant bohemian jewels.

Fareeva is an innovative line of unique, one-of-a-kind authentically sacred malas and jewelry, representing the goddess of jewels and fortune. Fareeva are the rare jewels, so to speak, of the wildly spiritual kind to be worn with intention and bohemian elegant grace.

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