Fareeva found strength, comfort and inspiration through many inspiring people, I wish to call my beloved cheerleaders. Thank you all for believing and encouraging Fareeva to give birth!

Endless Love goes to my family: To my parents for their unconditional and beautifully biased support and for being the foundational rock of my life. Your Love is my strength and forever source of inspiration. Special thanks to my “grande soeur” (my sister), Isabelle-Moea whose consistent “thumbs up” on social media have always reassured me.

Endless gratitude goes to my spiritual and yoga family (you will know who you are!) for your enthusiastic and nourishing comments. You give me wings! To all the beautiful Fareeva Ambassadors and experimenters, I love you!

Special thanks to two beautiful yoga studios in Geneva – you guys believed in me way before I believed in myself! Thank you for organizing my first public exhibits: and

My thoughts also go to (Merci Alesha!) for connecting yogis and artists from all over the world, a rock’and’roll idea!

Thanks for the gems and precious beads for your ongoing inspiration – thanks for allowing me to handpick you throughout the world.

Thanks to Boris and Julien (Agence de communication Habefast) for their mind-blowing patience and kindness in helping me give birth of the Fareeva story and website.

Endless gratitude goes to the Spirits of Nature which I got exposed to as a child in my native home, Tahiti, French Polynesia. Thank you for teaching me from early on that Life is surely not a 3D experience only but rather a multidimensional experience with parallel worlds, with Universal Love at the very centre of it.

I bow to the emotions and extreme sensitivity the Universe granted me, they have led me to areas of unknown and unexplored personal creativity and channelling.

Thank you all for believing in Fareeva! wpml_heart